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Thread: Finally it is here

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    Finally it is here

    I called the pharmacy tonite and was told that the pegasys med is here now. Will be calling my doctor tomorrow so we can make the arrangements to start the treatment asap.

    I have been pretty anxious about all this. Looking forward to start yet I do feel some fear deep within me. Have read and heard so much as to the side effects that am worried about how it will change my life in the meantime. The only thing that keeps me going is the chances I have of getting rid of the virus.

    Had been waiting a week already for it to get here and now I am having so many feelings running amuck within me.

    I hope to be able to at least check in here often and find out what is going on with all of you and the latest on researches for SCI.


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    I'm praying for you, Raven

    I resd up on the Pegasys med and it looks real promising. It can also be combined with Ribavirin for dramatic effectiveness. I pray your side effects are small and that the anti-viral effects are great. Getting rid of this now would be awesome for you. Think positive. It might be a little scary but it's a great investment for your health. I have no personal experience with this but I applaud your bravery for trying a new therapy. CURES! We need em. I pray you get cured!

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    Raven - my prayers and well wishes are with you as well. Good Luck!

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    We love you "madre"

    Wish you the best and a hope that the meds work and you get the support you need and ya know what I mean by that



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    Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers.

    It is certainly true Jeff, we do need more research done and treatments started also. Hope that pretty soon they will start on more on sci and that it will become a thing of the past too. No more SCI would be the greatest thing to have happen to many of us who have to live this life with it.

    Well, tomorrow I have to go to the doctor's office so the nurse can teach me how to inject the pegasys myself. I will have to be doing this every Monday of the week. From what I have read on this treatment, it is the one that is offering so much hope and I pray it works with me also.

    I will be posting here and NM as to how it works with me. Hope I don't bore you with

    Thanks all


    Life is precious, treasure it.

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