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Thread: forgotten feeling

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    forgotten feeling

    has anyone else here forgotten what it feels like to have grass in between your toes? I can't even remember what it feels like to have sex. I am also losing the ability to feel what I see people doing. Is that normal? I know I used to love the way that grass felt in between my toes.

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    You didn't completely forget. It's just harder to pull up the memory. I know exactly how you feel though. It's completely normal.

    Hang tough, bro.


    "Because you're not promised tomorrow." ~ Stuck Mojo

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    I'm there, too

    I suggest describing in detail in a diary or something those memories that are real important to you. They will only dull with time, otherwise.

    We need to begin doing the things we love, again. We need a friggin cure. I'm thankful for all that researchers are doing but more could and should be done. Hopefully, there will be new ways we can all contribute in the future. Even if we can't feel the grass between our toes it would be nice to work toward it for the future.

    ~See you at the SCIWire-used-to-be-paralyzed Reunion ~

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    grass between my toes

    yes and no - I can remember there are whole lot of feelings that able bodied people take for granted (as i do my eyesight, while i have it!) but I can't bring the feeling back even in my imagination - it's a bummer - i think the sex one can really mess you up

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    I've forgotten what it is to feel hungry. Before I got hurt, I was a huge eater for a little guy. For the first month after the accident, I was still inhaling food like air. Then the abdominal pain and full feeling started, and the hunger sensation went away.

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