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Thread: Anthrax arrived here (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)

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    Anthrax arrived here (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)

    October 19, 2001

    New York Times Reporter in Rio Was Sent Anthrax Letter

    Filed at 6:17 p.m. ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - The New York Times said on Friday a letter sent to its Rio de Janeiro bureau had tested positive for ``bacteria or spores consistent with anthrax.''

    The letter, which the Times said in a statement was mailed from New York City, postmarked Oct. 5 and received at the bureau on Oct. 16, ``suggested bacteria or spores consistent with anthrax'' after a preliminary test, according to Brazilian authorities.

    If confirmed, it would be among the first anthrax-tainted letters received outside of the United States, and would make the Times the latest in a slew of media targets for anthrax attacks.

    An employee at the bureau headed by correspondent Larry Rohter became suspicious because the letter had no return address. It was turned over unopened to Brazilian authorities.

    All four Times employees at the bureau were tested for anthrax and given antibiotics as a precaution, but test results had not been received, the Times said.

    A spokeswoman at the Rio de Janeiro biological research laboratory Fiocruz said that the lab had received the letter sent to the Times and was testing the contents, but that ``the tests are not conclusive'' as yet.

    Employees at the newspaper's Manhattan office said Managing Editor Gerald Boyd had made an announcement about the letter on Friday. An e-mail signed by six top Times executives and read to Reuters said the letter was put into a plastic bag before being sent to authorities.

    No other details were available.

    Earlier on Friday The New York Post said a female employee had tested positive for skin anthrax, and New Jersey officials said a second postal worker also had a confirmed case in the seventh and eighth confirmed U.S. cases of anthrax.

    ``Last night New York Post officials were informed by the New York Police Department that one of our employees has tested positive for cutaneous anthrax,'' a less dangerous form of the disease than inhaled anthrax, the Post said in a statement.

    The infected employee is a female member of the support staff for the editorial page who is back at work and is expected to make a ``swift and complete recovery,'' it said.

    The tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., was the fourth media organization in New York to be hit with the disease after NBC News, ABC News and CBS News all said within the last week that people at their offices had fallen ill.

    New Jersey health officials said on Friday a second postal worker who may have come into contact with anthrax-laden letters sent to Congress and NBC News had tested positive for skin anthrax.

    In Washington 28 congressional staffers have tested positive for exposure to anthrax since the bacteria was found on Monday in a letter mailed to Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

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    it didn't contain the substance

    Research lab FIOCRUZ, officialy announced, a few minutes ago, that the substance in the letter that arrived in NYT office in Rio de Janeiro DIDN'T contain Anthrax.

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    That's good to know, Fernando.

    Can you give us a sense of how people in your country are reacting to the events on 9/11 and the current events?


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    According to CNN, the letter sent to a family in Argentina did test positive for anthrax,


    An interesting pattern is beginning to arise. If the anthrax at Buenos Aires turns out to be identical to the strain that was mailed to AMI (in Florida), New York newspapers, NBC, CBS, Congress, and from Malaysia to the Microsoft office in Denver, and from Atlanta to Kenya, we know the following about the person(s) who mailed the letters:

    1. The person(s) read(s) the Sun (a tabloid newspaper that claimed that Osama bin Laden has small genitalia that an American girlfriend laughed at...) and the New York Post. The person watches NBC and CBS but, interestingly, not CNN so far or was not offended by the news reports from CNN.

    3. The mailing pattern is of interest. One plausible sequence is that the person started from Malaysia (where he/she mailed the letter to Microsoft), flew to the East Coast where he/she is driving down the coast towards Florida (stopping at Trenton, Atlanta, and Tampa, and Miami to mail anthrax-laden letters). The one from Miami to Buenos Aires included a pamphlet from the Carnival cruise line.

    4. Some of the targets of the mailing are also of interest. One letter from Malaysia went to a Microsoft office in Colorado (not the main office in Seattle), another went from Atlanta to a doctor in Kenya, and a third went to a family in Buenos Aires! I am not surprised by the political and media targets but the personal targets suggest some personal relationship with these targets.

    The Malaysia connection is of particular interest where bin Laden associates tended to hang out. Also, the person was clearly was looking at Carnival Cruise liners as a means of travel.

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