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Thread: Handling of injured cyclist criticized

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    Handling of injured cyclist criticized

    Handling of injured cyclist criticized

    By RANDY RICHMOND, Free Press Reporter

    A police officer didn't follow his training for handling spinal cord injuries when he flipped over a man knocked out in a takedown, the paramedic who taught him said yesterday.

    Const. Jason Wong and former Const. Bernadette Akiens were taught to check for vital signs, then perform what's called a log roll when spinal injuries are suspected, Darren Walsh told a coroners inquest into Campbell's death.

    "It definitely minimizes and lessens the chance of injury," said Walsh, who trained the two officers in 1997.

    Instead, the inquest heard earlier, Wong alone rolled Campbell over, then checked for vital signs. Aikens went to the cruiser while Wong turned Campbell over.

    In a log roll, one officer is supposed to hold a victim's head with both hands to keep the head and neck aligned. The second takes the torso and legs. They "make a combined effort to turn in synchronization," Walsh said.

    "The log roll is preferably done by two individuals."

    Wong testified earlier he did not suspect Campbell had a spinal injury, although Campbell's face hit the curb and he lay motionless on the pavement after the two constables pushed him to the ground.

    "At most I thought he's just going to have a broken nose and cut lip," Wong said.

    Campbell, 52, died Aug. 1, 2000, of respiratory failure due to complications of a spinal cord injury. Wong and Akiens stopped him July 17 about 1 a.m. on Adelaide Street North, north of Oxford Street, for not having a bicycle light.

    After a dispute, they arrested Campbell for causing a disturbance and decided to take him to the ground.

    Campbell fell face first and stopped breathing for a few minutes. At hospital, it was learned he had become quadriplegic.

    The inquest into Campbell's death heard from its final witnesses yesterday.

    Tow truck driver Kevin Tilford said he was driving south on Adelaide when he saw a man and two officers struggling.

    He turned into a convenience store parking lot then headed back up Adelaide to see the last few seconds of the takedown, Tilford said.

    He said one officer went to the ground. "I can't really say for sure" where the other officer was."

    Where Akiens ended up has been a matter of dispute at the inquest. She said she fell on Campbell's back.

    The five-member coroner's jury also heard yesterday Campbell was an interested father who wanted to learn more about parenting, family therapist Yvonne Schmidt testified yesterday.

    After Campbell and his wife were separated, Merrymount Children's Centre supervised access to their daughter, she said.

    "He was always very happy to see his little girl," she said.

    Schmidt testified Campbell saw her as an authority figure and always followed her directions on their weekly visits.

    A psychiatrist who treated Campbell has testified her patient hated authority figures, including police.

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    hmmm, I sure hope there is a good investigation into this one. Although it could all be thoroughly legit, its extremely sad that a man has died following such a sequence of events.

    The police were given FA training in 1997, I surely hope that since then they have been given refresher training. And I wonder about two cops pulling someone up for not having a bike light and then forcing him to the ground, (allegedly after a dispute). Police brutality has been highlighted as being a problem in many countries, and although i think that in general the police do a wonderful job, i think we've all seen footage of police being over zealous with their baton or in apprehending a suspect.

    No matter the circumstances, the end result is tragic in this case

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