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Thread: Manual wheelchairs for quads

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    Manual wheelchairs for quads

    How many quadriplegic on this forum use manual wheelchairs? How long have you been hurt? How long did it take for you to get into a manual wheelchair from a power wheelchair? What level injury are you? Without any finger dexterity, how do you stop or turn? How independent are you?

    I ask these questions because I am 14 months post at a C-5-6 level and I have now been my manual wheelchair for 5 months. I have had a few medical complications since I have been in a manual chair and I think if it wasn't for those my speed and agility would be much better. I still can't make it up ramps. my tenodesis on the right hand is poor and barely existant on my left hand so I can only stop and turn with my wrists. I'm hoping to see some people here who start off where I am now and have become fully independent. I talked to several quad rugby players who have a little more function than I do and are fully independent and it makes me think that I can be. But the more I hear that, the better I feel.

    also, I know I asked about tendon transfer before but a lot of people have joined since I asked so I'll ask again. Has anyone here had a type of tendon transfer at all and if you have, where on your body did you have it and how much extra function did it bring you? I have gotten some opinions on what people think about it, but all I really want to do is talk to someone who had it done.

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    I am 17 years post, C4 (C5/6 functionality) and have used only manual wheelchairs until january this year when I purchased a chair with "Servo Accessory Drive".

    It's great! It combines the best of two worlds - small and lightweight like a manual chair but still giving you the power of a paralympic para ...and it saves wrists and shoulders.

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    I'm one year into my injury C-5(functioning C6/7). When I was in rehab I started with a manual WC although I could barely propel it, that was on smooth level floors. I mostly use my powerchair, but when I go places, since I don't have a van yet, I use my manual, it's an ultra-light which makes a big difference as opposed to clunky hospital folding type, which are way to heavy. For serious wheeling, I use quad gloves, they have a friction material on the palms, making it easier to propel and stop. For ramps I have 'hill-holders' on my chair, they keep the chair from traveling backwards on ramps.

    Good luck

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    im c5/6 complete, 10 yrs post and always have used a manual chair. actually have never even sat in a powerchair. at the start i could hardly push myself but with time things became alot easier and you soon learn your limits.

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