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Thread: Raindrops- A Memorial

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    Raindrops- A Memorial

    For those who died at the WTC on 9/11/01

    Raindrops- A Memorial

    The sun covers it's face
    With the dark clouds
    Raindrops start to fall
    Like teardrops
    From the sky
    At this time
    Heaven seems to mourn
    Those lives lost
    Without reason
    Happy lives
    Hopes and dreams
    Children left behind
    Motherless or Fatherless
    Weeping Wives or Husbands
    Childrens lives lost
    Mothers, Fathers left alone
    Brothers, Sisters gone
    All in one second
    Senseless deaths
    Sacrificed lives
    For someone else's sake
    Someone's hate and spite
    They will be sorely missed
    By one and all
    Yet as the raindrops fall
    Joining the tears in our hearts
    They remain in the minds of all
    God bless you
    Thank you
    One and all
    You have given us so much
    Down to the last minute
    Of your lives
    Good memories remain
    And your sacrifice
    Will never be forgotten

    © 2001 Raven Lenore

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    Raven, thank you for your poems. I am sitting at an internet cafe in London (having been forced back to London from Halifax because of the closing of all the NY area airports), feeling very empty and isolated. There is an outpouring of grief here in London. When my British Air flight arrived back at Heathrow at 1 am, there were dozens of volunteers at the airport to welcome and provide sandwiches (there was no food on the return trip). The television has been covering NY and the Pentagon almost every minute. The images are just devastating. I don't know when I will be able to come home. Thousands of Americans are likewise stranded here and in many cities around the world, unable to fly back. Wise.

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    Raven--Thank you for continuing to share your gift of poetry.I greatly enjoy your talents.

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