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Thread: sept. 11 relief - web site donation list

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    sept. 11 relief - web site donation list

    this yahoo page contains a list of sites that are collecting donations for relief. if you have an account with the site it is even easier. melissa

    the list includes :
    Red Cross
    Red Cross #2
    Yahoo! PayDirect

    the story
    Amazon, Other Web Sites, Take Red Cross Donations

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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    right now Yahoo! also has links to the NY Firefighter's Fund the American Red Cross the Salvation Army and the United Way on its main page.

    if you don't feel comfortable donating online you can call 1-800 HELP NOW to contribute to the Red Cross.

    donation totals as of now:
    Amazon - $$3,508,195
    PayPal - $555,441
    Yahoo PayDirect - $258,244

    **please do not give your credit card numbers to any unofficial sites or in response to emails asking for money. stick with the main sites listed above or sites for well-known organizations or companies.

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    official site - take a look

    American Liberty Partnership ~this is an official donation site. it will point you to safe sites to make donations. money is not the only thing needed though, so there are links to other ways to help.

    The American Liberty Partnership is an Internet industry initiative that is using the online medium to connect people who want to help with the organizations that need it the most. On our web site, you will find opportunities to support these organizations, as well as general information about how the relief effort is progressing and what needs are next on the horizon.

    over $73,000,000 has been raised already!

    Life is a lesson you learn when you're through.

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