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Thread: Design of the advanced commode-shower chair for spinal cord-injured individuals

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    Design of the advanced commode-shower chair for spinal cord-injured individuals

    • Malassigne P, Nelson AL, Cors MW and Amerson TL (2000). Design of the advanced commode-shower chair for spinal cord-injured individuals. J Rehabil Res Dev. 37 (3): 373-82. Summary: The purpose of this development project was to design a new commode- shower chair that can be safely used by individuals with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and their caregivers. The need for this new design was consumer-driven. Patients and caregivers identified the following fatal flaws in the commode-shower chairs used in Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) centers: 1) risk for patient falls during transfers, propelling, and while leaning over for showering; 2) risk for pressure ulcers due to inadequate padding and seat positioning for lengthy bowel care regimes; 3) inadequate caregiver access to the perianal area of the patient to perform bowel care procedures; and, 4) wheel-related inability to properly position the chair directly over the toilet. The new, self- propelled chair addresses each of these concerns. Lockable, swing-away, pivoting armrests and improved, lever-activated brakes were designed to facilitate safe transfers. An innovative foot-lift was invented to facilitate washing of feet. Larger handrims were designed to aid in propulsion in wet environments. To prevent pressure ulcers, a chair frame and padding combination was designed to facilitate a seating position that optimally distributes body weight to prevent the development of pressure ulcers in the sacral and ischial areas. To address the common risk of heel ulcers, footrests, featuring edgeless, rounded heel cups, were designed. A new tubular chair frame, a new seat and smaller wheels were designed to enhance caregiver access and ensure proper chair positioning over the toilet. Following its successful clinical evaluation at the Milwaukee and Tampa VA Medical SCI Centers, the Advanced commode-shower chair is being patented by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA has partnered with Everest & Jennings, to make this chair available commercially. <> Research Service, Clement J. Zablocki VAMC, Milwaukee, WI 53295-1000, USA.

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    sounds pretty kewl Lord knows we all need that. Hard commode seats are terrible.



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    Well no matter what folks might say about E&J as
    a w/c mfg. They have always made one of the better shower/commode chairs on the market. Maybe they have found the niche in the market.

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    having recently taken a tumble at a motel due to poor design i sure would like a better solution but i seriously doubt that those depending upon medicare/medicaid will derive any benefit,,,if they won't fund a decent w/c why would they fund a commode/shower chair?...just from my experience...tedEbear

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    Due to their Chapter 11 proceedings, E&J has not followed through with their commitment to produce this commode. After discussions with the company, they say they "may" actually have a production model by late winter 2002. I have seen the photos of the prototype, and know one of the designers (a SCI nurse) and am impressed with what they have done, esp. as a major improvement on the current E&J Shower-Commode chair. I hope it will actually be available for purchase.

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    Oh Great

    We won't have to worry about it then, we will all be cured by then.

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