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    New Bathroom

    I'm installing a new bathroom in my house,using one of our bedrooms to make room for comfort. I'm putting a 60 x 60 wheel in shower compliments of my plumbing business and a vanity big enough to wheel under and room for my wife to do her makeup. I like to find a shower/commode chair that wheels over the toilet or if somebody has a better way of doing there b/p. ADA toilet are only 17" high,does anybody transfer from chair to toilet back to chair to shower.

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    There are lots of combination rolling shower/commode chairs that you can use to shower and roll over the toilet. We used to use a lot of the E&J ones, but the quality of the product has really gone donw lately, esp. since they outsourced manufacturering overseas. You might want to look at the ActiveAid or Lumex products...we issue these the most. Sportaid is a good place to start looking. Just be sure you get one with a well-padded seat, and one that has cut-outs and other features that allow you to get your hand underneath to do bowel care.

    An alternative would be to use a raised toilet seat for the toilet, and a stationary shower chair in the shower, but this is two extra transfers. With a roll-in shower, the combo makes more sense and will help save your shoulders as well as reduce the risks for a nasty fall when transferring wet.


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