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Thread: Doctor's appointment

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    Doctor's appointment

    I have an appointment with my doctor today at 1 PM. He is an internist and keeps track of my all around health. I have to ask him to either give an order for new blood tests or the results of the older ones he has. The reason for this is that on Monday, Aug 20 I have another appointment with a specialist who is in charge of of a new treatment study called Pegasys. He will need to have the results of my tests to confirm the diagnosis. It may be that he will put me under the study and though I kind of dread it, I still want to go through it. Don't know if it will help me but the results for many others has been good. This is the main reason why I want to do it no matter how I may feel while undergoing it.

    I would like to ask all of you to say a little prayer for me to succeed in ridding myself of this virus with this treatment. Plus that I will be accepted to undergo it. As soon as I go on Monday and get the answer from the doctor, I will let you all know what he tells me.


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    My thoughts are with you Raven
    Be Strong

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    The best of luck to you are in my prayers.

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    Best wishes

    Best of luck at the next appointment and remember to ask lots of questions about how it will benefit you.

    Joe B

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    i'll throw a bunch out for ya,to God and all the way to Rah.Surely somebody will hear me...

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    May the Force be with you Lenore

    You are one tough dame, you have been through so much, I know in my heart you will beat this thing. Keep the Faith. Curtis

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    Thank you Curtis, Shaun, Joe B, x-racer, and last but not least zaziwe. My internist ordered new blood work done so the other doctor will have a better picture of what is going on with my health. I am anxious for Monday so I can get a better idea of what to expect.

    From what I have heard so far about this treatment there will be several side effects which will not make my days any easier. Although that is not going to deter me from wanting to try it. I want to live a better life, be virus free, and most of all, have more days added to my life. So I will cross my fingers, toes, arms, legs and even my eyes and hope to get in on the study. LOL j/k

    So wish me luck and I will let you know what is decided by the doctor.

    Thanks again for your encouragement everyone.


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    Raven, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I will try my best to keep up-to-date on your prognosis and treatment. I leave tomorrow 5AM for my own "medical journey". Just remmeber that God is watching over you!

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    Your poetry is like a prayer. I am sure that things will go well.


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