Statement from Paralyzed Veterans of America National President
on the New District of Columbia Law Limiting Handicapped Parking
To: National Desk
Contact: Bob Ensinger of the Paralyzed Veterans of America,
202-416-7681, Web site:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following is a
statement from National President Joseph L. Fox, Sr. addressing the
implementation of a new DC law on August 20 which would eliminate
free unlimited parking in time-restricted spaces for vehicles
displaying valid disabled license plates and placards:

The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) understands the need for
and has a huge stake in eliminating fraudulent use of disabled
license plates and placards. We are concerned, however, that the
restriction of free parking, without otherwise improving access to
parking for people with disabilities, will have the unintended
consequence of limiting public parking for our members and others
with disabilities. Those in charge of implementing and enforcing
the law must recognize that many drivers with disabilities cannot
reach or manipulate meters due to street, curb, and sidewalk
barriers or meter design, and will be ticketed. These drivers will
have to engage in bureaucratic procedures to contest those tickets.
We fear that these additional burdens will limit the ability of
drivers with disabilities to conduct business in the city and urge
that procedures to mitigate these burdens be created. The District
of Columbia must also make other access improvements to complement
its new law, including increasing the number of designated
accessible parking spaces, and ensuring their locations near city
buildings and in commercial zones.

PVA has never claimed that people with disabilities deserve free
parking, just equal access.

Paralyzed Veterans of America, a veterans service organization
chartered by Congress, has for more than 50 years served the needs
of its members, all of whom have catastrophic paralysis caused by
spinal cord injury or disease. To learn about PVA, visit its web
site at



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