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    I am not sure if anybody here follows the X-Games (Rollerblading, Skateboarding, etc all done on a half-pipe and through a mini park of jumps and rails), but I wish there was a wheelchair X-Game event. Imagine starting your run off going down the half-pipe and doing a 540 or a small olie. That would be awesome!



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    Watching high level competition in quad-rugby (formerly "murder ball") and the Blister Bowl (tackle foot ball in wheelchairs) is as close as I want to get to this! (KLD)

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    Steven, I have dreams from time to time that I'm doing wheelchair freestyle events (think BMX bike freestyle). I would love to be able to do it in reality, but alas, I'm a C-6 quad, and as close as I can get is a wheelie. But a competition with some paras good with their chairs would be cool! You might see an occasional para become a quad though.


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    Wheelchair competitions do exist though in World Cup downhill mountainbike racing as well as National comps. Check out John Davis, chariot racing. Going 50+ miles an hour offroad has got to do something for the ol' ticker.

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    Thanks gp, that looks interesting for those who can do it. I have a c3 injury and use a sip and puff chair so I was looking for something along those lines.

    On a semi-related note, does anyone know where to get some more powerful motors -- somewhere along the lines of 20-30mph? I want to modify an old chair and see what I can do with it. :-)

    [btw Scorpion, if you emailed me back my mail has been screwy... try]


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