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Thread: Wise, answer to post at new mobility...

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    Wise, answer to post at new mobility...

    Wise, here's a copy of my post at new mobility... think you might have missed it...

    Here's a few ideas, all I ask if you use any of them is to put a link on your home page of my home page and I'll reciprocate. Thanks, Todd

    P.S. these were all usable as of today.

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    darnit TQ, spinewise was my idea.....

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    I visited the chat room at your site. I like it. It is fast, simple, and straightforward. People there told me that the software works well with voice-activated software and that you use voice-activated software as well. That is great.

    There were also a lot of people there (at 2 AM in the morning!). I am posting a copy of link to the site (in addition to your message on this topic) so that people can go there. However, I am worried that too much traffic could interfere with the great community that has already arisen there. Some people there mentioned the same thing. What do you think?


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    By the way, those are great names... after intensive discussion with the founders of spinewire, we decided to go for sciwire and reserved,, and I am thinking of setting up a prize for the best sciwire logo for this site. What do you think?


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    I like the name, and yes, let's have a contest! I am sure we have plenty of artists amoung the users here who would have great ideas. (KLD)

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