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Thread: Recovery Progress

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    Recovery Progress

    I am not sure which forum to post this on, so if this is wrong, please let me know. My dad was injured in Dec. 2000, around the C4-5-6 area. He was on life support, not expected to live for a while, then told he'd never recover enough to go home, much less walk. We have some photos of his progress that we'd like to share, as encouragement for others.

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    This forum is fine

    From the looks of that Car, it is amazing you're Dad is still alive. He looks like a nice guy, glad to hear he is recovering. With SCI you have to be tough thats for sure. If he has a PC tell him of this site, if not he should think about getting a Computer, it can really open up a whole new world. Good to have you here on this site. Curtis

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    Dad doesn't have a computer, but I wish they did. I have a feeling he'd like it a lot! Some of the pictures are out of order, but hopefully, it will be obvious. I hope this encourages someone, because they told dad that POSITIVELY he would never walk again. They didn't even really attempt it at rehab. As soon as he came home, we bought him the walker, and started standing him up to it. After a couple of weeks, he began taking steps. I hope everybody that has a SCI, and their families, will never let go of hope.

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