I would like to hear what others have to say who use voice recognition software. Presently, I am using Dragon 5.0 Naturally Preferred. I loaded the software into a Pentium III 800 MHz with 256 MB of RAM and I am using Windows Millennium Edition. I am also using a Pentium for 4, which also has 256 MB of RAM and a 32 MB G Force video card.

I have two ISPs, America Online 6.0 and Microsoft Network. After five months of using the voice recognition, on the Pentium III computer, my voice files got corrupted. I had to delete everything and start all over again. The Pentium III with the voice recognition does not work as well as it did before. I have stopped using the Pentium III for voice recognition and I own way use the Pentium 4. Is there something that I could do with the settings regarding the Pentium III?

I can also control the entire desktop through voice recognition and even get onto the Internet. However, I find that I am unable to "surf" the Internet through voice commands. I want to know if it's possible to use voice recognition while on the World Wide Web? I am also pay close attention to Windows XP.