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Thread: SCI - Sport

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    SCI - Sport

    Prior to my accident, i participated in various sports especially, volleyball, soccer and bodybuilding. Although i have an SCI injury today (LI - Incomplete Para), i would like to participate in any SCI Sport available i.e. in South Africa so, if any of you know of someone or some organization i could contact in SA, please inform thereof. Thank you in advance.

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    Dwarf tossing is an up and coming sporting event-though I believe it is mainly popular in Austrailia. It hasn't quite caught on around here yet- I've called the local YMCA and SCI chapter and they thought I was crazy or something. I think it would enhance upper body strength and trunk balance.

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    lol at smokey!

    Shawn theres tons of sports for para's racing,baketball,triathlons everything.Try and locate a copy of sports and spoke magazine it will blow your mind.If you cant let me know and will see if i can get some to ya..

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    hey check out for adaptive action sports

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

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    Most countries have wheelchair sports associations in order to compete in the Paralympics, Gold Cup Games, etc. Do a computer search or check with a local disability advocacy group. Let us know if you still need help in finding resources.

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    Not sure why someone dug up a 6 year old post on this topic.....


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