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Thread: A Poem

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    A Poem

    That man

    Who is that man
    Who seems so sad
    His eyes have a certain look
    A look that shows so much pain
    They hold a faraway look
    As if he is not here

    What has happened in his life
    What have his eyes seen
    Is that sadness also within
    Why does he grieve

    He once had a life
    He once had a love
    So precious and dear
    A love of his own

    He now sits alone
    No one to call his own
    The love he once had
    Has now gone

    Gone with the wind
    Into the unknown
    She was here one day
    Now he is so alone

    He asks himself
    Why did she have to go
    Why does he live so alone
    And feel so forlorn

    The tears cannot dry
    They run down his face
    He doesn't seem aware
    Of the people who stare

    He sits there so lonely
    He looks so forlorn
    Keeps on crying
    Lost in a world of his own.

    © 2001 Raven Lenore

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    Good poem Raven - did you write it yourself?

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    Thank you so much for that lovely poem. I am so glad that you posted that. Wise.

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    Thank you

    Thank you Dr. Young and Shawn for reading my poem and giving me your opinion on it.

    I will continue to post more later on as time permits and as often as I can write more of them.

    Yes, Shawn, I wrote that one and have more that you are welcome to read in my homepage anytime you wish.


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    Raven thats all your poetry



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