As far as anniversaries go this one is not worth celebrating - let alone remembering! Not like anyone has sent a card like most anniversaries, no one has even said anything-probably for the best, I might start to blubber uncontrolably! Yeappers, today is the day.... ONE YEAR! In reality, it seems no differant than any other day since the accident. Same sh*t. Am I sadder today than most days? I guess, if I stop to think about it, but I try not to think about that too much. That chapter of my life. Let me just ask you guys, does it ever get easier? Are you ever REALLY able to be happy, I mean REALLY HAPPY again? Oh, sure, I am happy about little stuff, I laugh once in a while, but deep down to my real exsistance, I am SAD, all the time. Is it just me? CRIPES!! I take "happy pills", but they don't bring back that zest for life I once had. I think it was lost the night of the accident...perhaps it was located in the lower part of the my body and it was paralyzed too! Ya think?!! I think that is what happened, paralyzed hopes and dreams and happiness as well as legs. HMMM, I may be on to something. Oh well life goes on, just thought I would let ya know that I have hit the one year mark today. I can now say I am 1 year post!

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