Are you going to be ready?

Here is the (possible)scenario. In the future, stem cell therapy advances to the state were spinal cord injuries can be repaired.

1) OK. The cure is here. Does your insurance cover the cost of the operation? Have you got the cash to cover all the other expenses?

--Since I live in a social medicine country, the costs would be covered. The way things are going though, that could change.

2)Are there rehabilitation centers ready for you?

--Not nearly enough were I live. They are jammed full as it is taking care of the newly injured.

3)Are you fit enough? Too fat? Too weak? Can you stand without passing out?

--I could be fitter and maybe slimmer. I can stand at least 2 hours in a standing frame.

4)Will there be a draft or lottery to see who can "go first"? Or is it going to be based on who has the connections, who has the best coverage and who has the cash? Could you be rejected or "postponed" until a later date until your "fit" enough?

--Connections? You bet. Also as the saying goes: cash talks, bullsh*t walks (or won´t walk in this case)

One thing I will predict...when the cure is here, these message boards will be screaming with cases of despair, of joy, and even more prevelent, those of hope. I hope there won´t be people having to sit because they can´t afford the cure. I´m afraid that those who are injured in other than first world nations will have almost no chance of being cured. I hope this does not happen