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Thread: Who here...

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    Thanks, Jal

    I have also been quite distressed over what happened at Cando. It is really the people who come to these forums who make it a vibrant community, not me. Wise.

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    discovereed spinewire just before merger. this site looks great.

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    New Here

    I just found this site . I never went to Spinewire or Cando.

    So far it looks like a good place, wish I wasnt the only one here that doesngt know everybody else :-(

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    Is that how it came out of the universal translator?

    Where´s Scotty when you need him!

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    Senior Member craig's Avatar
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    Jul 2001

    New, kinda

    I'm just testing the water. I have posted at spinal nurse at spinewire before, a couple of times at the old general board too.

    This new site seems like it has a great start !


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    I guess got to spinewire just before the merger,i went by my nic name SMOKE.This new site is great no ad's and seems to be a lot faster,VEEERY GROOOVY......


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    Senior Member Max's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Montreal,Province of Quebec, CANADA
    I met Wise first on scipin-l(e-mail list)-it still exist, then I was posting on Cure Paralysis Now (great site created by Greg Winget, thanx Greg!!!), then is was spinewire (inspired by Wise & Sam Maddox), then Sam sold spinewire to capitalist pigs from cando...
    In between I was kicked out from quad list, since owner was also a pig...

    Its been more thaan 5 years, seems like yesterday

    But Wise is still Young despite smoking pipe

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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and very happy to join the rest of you.

    Damir from Croatia

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    Senior Member Joe B's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    16052 E Andrew Fountain Hills, AZ

    Welcome Damir

    Welcome to the forum Damir. I hope you find information and good stimulating discussion. How are things in general in Croatia? Its 100 degreees here in Washington DC and very humid. Many people are on vacation and go to the seashore or the mountains to cool off. I work in the gov't regulating nuclear power plants. If I recall correctly Croatia does not have one. The nearest nuclear power plant is Krsko in Slovenia, right?

    Many people believe in global warming caused by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. I think we have to get more data to make a good assessment of how much affect burning coal etc has but I believe that they pollute the atmosphere.

    Sorry to have gotten sidetracked. Welcome to the forum again.

    Joe B

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    Senior Member kngtreeman's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    naples florida usa

    gladd to have found his site

    i did my research reading in spinewire then cando now hear.glad to have found this site .i have a place to drink my morinin coffee again.thanks doc young.

    scott r

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