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Thread: How to make the iBot even more expensive? Add Tweels.

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    How to make the iBot even more expensive? Add Tweels.


    DETROIT, M.I. (January 9, 2005) - Today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Michelin showcased a potential future for mobility, an integrated tire and wheel combination missing one ingredient that is vital for traditional tire performance...air. The company unveiled the first real-world fitments for its revolutionary "Tweel" - which operates entirely without air.
    (more details @ the link above)

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    wow, now its even crappier than before. i'd bust those things in a week.

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    A friend just got an iBot. I'll give him a call in a month or so to see how its going. So far, on initial eval, he likes it. The best part, according to him, is being able to fully "stand" in the chair. At 6'5" he likes being at full height via touch of a button.

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    Hmm, I guess the recall should be over by now and they are shipping new units. Too bad the initial denial from my insurance said that the IBOT was not medically efficacious, whatever that meant. Combine that denial with the fact the IBOT was essentially vaporware at the time with that recall, a non-standard battery pack (with the expected high replacement costs), an apparently not very effective 'secret weapon', as they put it, held by I.T.'s insurance coordinators, I just didnt feel like continuing trying to get one of those. I'm wondering how many they are selling lately. An interesting product for sure, but I.T. sure doesnt make it easy for people to buy one.

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