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Thread: Qs for quads about driving mods

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    Qs for quads about driving mods

    do i really need the electric park brake and remote button for cruise control? im c6-7, have full wrist, biceps, triceps, no finger function though, but pretty good with pushing buttons.

    also, what does a quad key holder look like? do i really need one?

    between the tri pin and v-grip spinner knobs, which one is better? im leaning towards the v-grip.

    i had my eval done a while back and im seeing things that the instructor suggested that i dont need--door lock mod, window mod, head lamp mod, heater control mod... im just trying to limit what i need--the reduced effort steering by itself is $3,000.

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    all I use currently are hand controls & a tri-pin spinner knob. I'm c6/7 as well. My van was initially set up with extra controls for wipers, etc... but I figured I didn't need them so I ripped them out w/in a year (no regrets). I've never used reduced effort steering.

    My advice: start basic with *just* the hand controls & steering device. Add more on only if you feel like you need it. Don't let the sales guys talk you into extra stuff that's not really necessary. You probably want to keep your vehicle looking as normal as possible, right?

    I've never used a v-grip knob, and honestly I've driven fine even without the tri-pin, but I'm more comfortable in town using the tri-pin for sharp and/or quick turns, etc., so I leave it attached.

    I've been driving for > 5yrs post-sci w/ no problems.

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    i think the power emergency brake is important because it's difficult to apply the brake with just the hand lever as you have to lean forward; when you're strapped to the seat, it's not easy. i don't use cruise control, didn't before i became sci either. i prefer the tri-pin and have enough strength to go with normal steering. i can work the wipers, windows and the rest of the accessories without adaptations. good luck

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    Im C5/6 and all ive got is a 6way powerseat,Suregrip handcontrols and like a fork thingy for steerin,i dont know what its called probably the same as your V thingy..Every vehicles different though,i can reach all the controls in my van,but i cant in buddys van...Just sit there in your van and play with eveything,make sure you can reach and control everything easily and decide from there what would be best and easiest for you and always think highway speed while your playing with them...

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    Bridget, less is best. There will be fewer things to go wrong. With the abilities you listed all you should need in a V-grip knob and hand-controls.

    I'm C5-6, no wrist ext, no triceps, but good biceps, and I do fine. I have a 6-way seat, V-grip and some generic handcontrols. I can reach all of the controls fine and have always figured out a method to do so and I've owned 6-7 vans during my 32 year stint. When driving on open road, I rarely use the V-grip, just grip the wheel by flexing my wrist.

    Like Shaun said, get it, and play around with it until you figure out what works best for you.

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    Yeeoowww! I didn't read your steering comment. You do NOT need that. Trust me! Unless you have the muscles you mentioned but never use them. Stick that 3 grand back in your bank!

    The least adaptive gear you can get by with, the mo' betta!

    "You can't fall off the floor!"

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    I'll second that Dead eye! I drive an F-350 and ive never at any time wished id had or needed reduced effort steering.

    ~~I knew a lady who came from Duluth,bit by a dog with a rabid tooth,she went to her grave just a little to soon and flew away howlin on the yellow moon~~

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    thanks all...i want to keep it as 'normal' and 'simple' as possible.

    shaun and deadeye, how do you like the 6 way seating? im still thinking if i want to drive from my chair or not. if car seat is around the same height as my chair itll only take me a minute to transfer. then i could continue using manuel instead of depending on power. could you two transfer without the six way seating? How much is the system?

    also is the tripin or v-grip just as dangerous as the suicide knobs? (just thinking of kirans recent thread)

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    Hey Bridget,

    I'm a c7/8 quad and only use a tri-pin, pedal extensions and an EZ lock. I drive from my chair. I say go with the least modifications possible.

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    Bridget, I recommend driving from the van seat, not your chair. Transfering will only help keep your muscles strong. Also, driving from your chair will require lowering the floor of the van. An additional expense of about 10 grand.

    Wait, I'm assuming you are speaking of getting a van, right? If so, you WILL need a 6 way seat. It'll be money well spent. Go will lift, 6-way seat, door openers w/remote, handcontrols and v-knob and you'll be fine. All of the extra gadgets are just more things to break down.

    And as far as suicide knobs, you'll be committing suicide if you DON'T use one. It's virtually impossible for a quad, or anyone that's restricted to using just one hand on the wheel, to navigate in tight and emergency situations. It's the only way you can remain in control of the wheel while keeping one hand on your brake/gas handcontrol.

    Assuming you are thinking of getting a van, are you thinking full size or mini?

    "You can't fall off the floor!"

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