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Thread: A Quad and his Tractor

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    A Quad and his Tractor

    Hey, just thought i'd give you guys a preview of my adapted tractor. We are not finish with it yet, but i'll post more pic's very soon. By the way, I'm a c5-c6 quad. As far as i know, there isn't any tractors drove without having to get out of your chair. My dad an I designed it, and i love it.

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    Sorry wrong Picture, this is it.

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    cool. got any pics of the controls? Do you have a mower deck for yours? I could see me riding around the neighborhood on a tractor and pulling into the bar with my blue tag hanging on the bucket!

    T-10 complete

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    Great idea...Did you just bypass the pto? How did you work the parking break in? What about the clutch? Your dad is a talented man.

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    You cant use the rear pto, but you can use the mid pto. This tractor is hydrostatic and you don't need to use a clutch.

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    That's neat,Im with Pat though, I want to see controls .

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    cool, never seen anything like that

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    I had an International 674 that I was rebuilding, but had to sell it last year because it was gonna cost to must to get it adapted. I waited all my life to get that tractor and then let a ^*#$%(*&^ tree fall on me--T9/T10 busrt fracture/complete.

    I hope before I die I get to cut land one more time...

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    check out my website
    I have pictures of us building my tractor and the final project.

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    Em, Why would it cost alot to adapt the 674? I have a ramp that I pull the chair up beside my tractor and then slide right over. My current tractor is a GST so I don't have to worry about shifting. Thhe tractor I had before this one had a standard tranny and I clamped a bracket on the clutch pedal so I could slip a rod into it for clutching. On my current tractor there is a long distance from the tractor seat to the chair so I mounted barn door track with rollers to the rafter above, I put safety belt around chest and then just slide over to the chair.


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