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Thread: Going to build a ceiling hoist...

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    Thought of doing this many, many times. I have fallen trying to get on my garden tractor to cut the grass a few times. Transfer from w/c to the tractor. With a lift as you describe, my problem would be solved. Looking forward to your progress. Good luck. I have a sure hands lift system in the house. I use it a lot. Strong, sturdy and, safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    Thanks... I feel like with the width of the two sets of wheels being wider than two joists, the weight will be distributed on three joists. That's about 85-90 lbs per joist.
    When I first read you post I thought of "my" bedroom which is downstairs. The ceiling joists are 2X10 doug fir on 16 inch centers. Long lag bolts or even better u bolts should be fine without worry. However upstairs is another matter. There the ceiling is composed of 2X4's on 24 inch centers. That is a much different story. However there is access to the attic so it could be reinforced. In fact when I remodeled my home I already did have to jack up the 2X4 ceiling and reinforce it from saging in the living room. I wouldn't hang anything from the old part of the house ceiling upstairs. But that's my house.

    Your ceiling might be engineered trusses. If so you might need to have a lift company over and ask them how they are going to install a lift, but never order it done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    That ceiling joists that run across my ceiling are either 2x6 or 2x4. The box rail will be bolted into each of these. If for whatever reason the rail doesn't look to be able to hold my weight, I won't use it, but everything is/will be rated to lift/hold more than my weight as well as the weight of everything else.
    Good plan Stan.
    I would be attaching that system to hangers fixed to the ceiling joists.
    There will be some 'springing' bounce load ( a new engineering term). I think it is elasticity.
    Even a strong back might be in order to ensure / aid carrying the load across a number of joists.
    I visited a mate the other week with a nifty gantry system - I thought that he said only $80k installed but I could be wrong. Then again, it could be correct because we get raped over pricing for crippled equipment
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    Great Idea to build your own system Scott. The advantage you have with the electric hoist vs a SureHands is that you don't need to rely on a service center or a battery program.
    A retractable Extension Cord Reel will help keep your main power supply neat up on the ceiling. How are you going to move from end to end?

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    I honestly have no idea what I'm talking about, but would the weight be truly evenly distributed? I would think wherever you are along the beam when hanging will have much more weight applied to those beams.

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    Perhaps this image will show how the weight would be distributed over at least 3 joists at a time. I'll have my dad have a couple structural professionals look at it before any construction is done. If hangers are needed, we'll figure out a way to add them (but I don't have access above my ceiling.)

    As for how I will move side to side, I will be having caregiver assistance as I am unable to transfer on my own.
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    I was just reading reviews for that hoist on Amazon and found someone who has already done what I'm planning.
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