Aspirin is an antiplatelet- which means it should prevent clotting.
Most doctors recommend one baby aspirin a day - to prevent heart attacks and strokes- for all persons especially those over 40 or with strong family history. It does serve some purpose. Unless you have hx of GI or other recent bleeding etc.. which would be helpful in preventing strokes which is the main problem with Afib.
Also, most doctors recommend aspirin when SCI person is going to fly in an airplane ( I personally take 325 mg two hours before flight and 2 hours after I am flying and will take the following day also- many people get DVTs in flight or within 2-4 weeks of flying and subsequent PE. SCI GUIDELINES- not all agree, but we do a risk stratification and follow the guidelines but for inpatient who are admitted, we start Lovenox or continue Warfarin, or Xarelto etc... And every time the leg(s) swell, we do a doppler to rule out DVT.
You can also get DVT's in your arms.
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