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Thread: Mount for using iPhone XR on leg

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    Mount for using iPhone XR on leg

    I found this strap for holding an iPhone. It comes with a strap extension so I am hoping it will work to hold my phone on my leg.
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    I use this kind of strap to hold my iPhone on my leg, but only when I'm handbiking. It has the same extension, and needs to be tighten a little bit to avoid turning around my leg.
    When I'm in my everyday chair, I prefer keeping my phone in a fanny pack and using a BlueTooth headset. I would be afraid about robbers ?
    I laught a lot while buying this strap : The extension was called "for strong arms"
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    Yeah I worry about someone stealing my phone too but I need to have it out sometimes and for directions, I need to see it. The new strap is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I hope it works out for me. I noticed the "for strong arms" thing too ��

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