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    I am learning quickly there are a lot of different catheters. I moved a couple of years ago and still haven?t located a spinal cord specialist. Mostly due to my work schedule and the fact that after almost 9 years everything is stable except a UTI that roared it?s mast head over the weekend due not to poor cleanliness but overfilling my bladder and reducing liquid intake due to limited access to bathrooms or private locations to cath into a bottle. With that being said my current primary writes my orders for catheters. Recent position changes at work have me traveling both in the US and likely outside of the US soon. I am currently using just a standard onecath straight tip which is working but I?m going to be purchasing some for travel out of pocket and want to sample a few to find the best.

    Can anyone share their expertise on must have supplies for traveling or dealing with no access/unsanitary bathrooms?
    is their a brand you prefer and if so is there a reason you selected that one over others?
    If you mostly straight cath with a standard one do you keep something else on hand for backup in situation where access is unexpectedly limited?

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    I use nothing but the bags, self contained...they're many brands but they all work!!

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