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Thread: Intermittent Fasting

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    It's another fad diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royb View Post
    It's another fad diet.
    No it’s not.
    It only came to light in the recent years. People have been doing this since forever without even thinking about it. Our bodies are not supposed to be fed continuously on food processing.
    And is all backed up by numerous serious studies. The more you know about it the more it makes sense. Plus the millions of people that practice it all having the results we talk about.
    The 3 meals a day concept is modern and wrong diet. Probably encouraged by the big food corporations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royb View Post
    It's another fad diet.
    Fad diets tend not to have scientific research done on them.

    But, ok.

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    Thanks for the helpful discussion. I listened to Dr Matson's TED talk and definitely want to try this but I don't need to lose bodyfat and I don't have a big stomach so will need more caloric foods. Maybe a meal replacement shake.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Bandido View Post
    Two meals a day for me, 12:00-20:00 approx. I do most activities in the morning in a fasted state, it is an approach that could be useful for the bowel management.
    I've done this for pretty much all of my adult life, mostly because I detest mornings and refuse to get up 10 minutes earlier to make breakfast when I could be sleeping for those ten minutes. I don't really think of it as intermittent fasting, but I suppose by some people's definitions it is (or at least "time restricted feeding" per the wikipedia page on intermittent fasting).

    Some of my family members (mostly for religious reasons, but also with some hope for health improvement) have fasted up to at least two weeks or so, but never on a very regular schedule.

    I assume (though I'm not familiar with the actual research on this topic) that you're not doing much for yourself until your liver runs out of glycogen and you hit ketosis, which takes days of fasting. Physiologically this is much different than a 16 hour fast where you never deplete your glycogen stores. At least for myself, I'm damn sure not getting anywhere near ketosis, I eat plenty of food in the afternoon and evening.

    That being said, there may be some benefit to the 16/8 diet. Like I said, I definitely am not a strict adherent to it, it just happens to be the habit I've fallen into through not fault of my own. But also I eat whatever I want and as much as I want (which really isn't all that much after not eating for 14-16 hours) and I don't exercise and I maintain a very healthy weight without really trying to.

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    This is my third day doing 16 hrs fasting with water and herbal tea then 8 hrs eating my vegan meals and snack. I'm surprised it's so easy. I did feel I dehydrated the first morning cuz I only drank a cup of green tea and had a weird sensation, but otherwise it's fine. Bring on the growth hormones!

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