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Thread: New Suprapubic problems?

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    New Suprapubic problems?

    Well after 15 years of pretty much UTI free years 2019 brought 6 hospitalizations from very bad UTIs for Anthony. We intermittently cathed for 15 years with no problems until last year. On Jan 22nd Anthony had two procedures done one to remove a kidney stone and at the same time a suprapubic catheter was placed. Everything went well. The Dr. had given him a pain block which wore off about 2 days after the procedure and Anthony started to have symptoms of a UTI, his symptoms are sweating, clammy skin and spasoming all over his body. I called his Dr. and he prescribed macrobid, pyridium and percoset this made his symptoms go away I stopped the prydium and percoset after about 3 days but continued with the macrobid that ended on Jan 31.

    On Feb 1st he started having the symptoms again I took him to the ER where they did a catscan of the stomach, supra tube placement and pelvic area and all was ok no abscess and tubing placement correct. They also took a urine sample (out of a dirty leg bag ) and did blood work. The blood work was fine, but the urine came back positive. They gave him one IV dose of Rosephen (antibiotic) and Cefdirin (antibiotic) to take home. He immediately got better after the IV dose of antibiotic.

    Last night Feb 5 he started having symptoms again he is still on the Cefdirin. I gave him a pyridium but no pain pill. He was somewhat better through the night slept through. When he woke up he was still all clammy and had spasms. We gave him a percoset and took him to the Drs. By the time his caregiver got him up and to his urologist he was better.

    We are wondering what the heck is causing these UTI like symptoms. Anthony thinks it is from pain but his Urologist said he should not be having any pain from the procedure this far out. But mentioned that maybe it was the catheter it is an 18Fr. Anyway has anyone else had this problems or any suggestions on what it could be.

    He has never had any pain issues before. Does a person's body with SCI just take some getting used to with a new tube?

    He has had so many surgeries I cannot count and has never had any pain issues after only once when his leg was accidentally fractured. But the pain meds cleared that up in about 3 days and did not come back.

    Anyway has anyone else had this problems or any suggestions on what it could be. Thank you.

    Oh and before he had the suprapubic placed they had me stop intermittently cathing and placed a urinary foley catheter that was in from Nov to Jan and he had no problems with that whatsoever. . . .
    Cindy Waters
    mom to Anthony, right c5, left c4 (24yo)
    injury march 2003

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    His body may be reacting to trauma of the stone removal and so tube replacement. In my opinion, he is being placed on antibiotics without a culture to treat it from. He should have a sterile culture done. And then treat . I would speak to his physician and share your concerns.
    In the meantime, make sure he continues to drink plenty of water.
    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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