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Thread: Hand Controls for a Rhino?

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    Hand Controls for a Rhino?

    My Dad is getting a Yamaha Rhino delivered this weekend. That thing is so cool. Where can I get hand controls to put on this thing? Do the ones for vehicles fit?

    Unfortunetly he lives about two hours away from me. Good reason to go visit.


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    I have a Rhino and I put the portable hand controls on it. You can order them from They are a little harder to get used to because of all the play, but they are removable which is nice. You should be able to have standard vehicle ones installed if you prefer but they cost a lot more.

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    surely car hand controls could be made to fit a rhino, as long as the rhino is run by a gas and brake pedal like a car(are they? i haven't looked at one) they'd just have to be cut and sized to fit the rhino's dimensions. any automotive shop could do it for you. or, the do-it-yourselfer with the right equipment could pull it off too.

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