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    time to get a new 1 I buy a new every2 years been same j2 cushion style since injured looking at the jay fusion looks really good not but of a butt sinker I have not had a seating evaul since 2001 but never had a sore either

    thinking of switch or stay with old failthful style.. my butt is not bony but its not fat either ideas?

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    get evaluated! and pressure map a Roho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    get evaluated! and pressure map a Roho.
    I have heard to much negative about them you have hands I don/t and live alone I would be to scared of it

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    If you aren't having problems Vicky, perhaps stay with same one. I hear you on the Roho, worst cushion for me. If you're thinking on changing it would be good to do an eval. If not, I wouldn't.

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    Your butt can change in 19 years! You really need to be pressure mapped and evaluated on several different cushions to know which is best for you in your present chair. Don't do this with a dealer; get an appt. at a seating clinic with a experienced OT or PT who does this.

    A Roho may be right for some, but it's downside is it is pretty high maintenance, so if you can't manage that, I would recommend looking at other options that don't require that.

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    imo if it isnt broke dont fix it. as for cushions im a supracor guy myself rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Regarding "... j2 cushion style since injured looking at the jay fusion ..."

    Note that the typical Fusion cushion (~4" thick) is substantially thicker than the typical J2 cushion (~2.5" thick). As configured in a typical scenario, the weights are also a bit different; the thinner J2 being approximately 5.5 pounds compared to the thicker Fusion being approximately 5.1 pounds with the fluid/gel insert - there is less fluid/gel in the Fusion. Depending upon where you purchase the cushions, the two typically configured cushions cost is approximately the same. The first picture below is the J2 cushion, the second picture is the Fusion cushion.
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    the jay 2 is what I have used for since injured I just kinda like the way the other looked comphy but like fuentes say not broke don/t fix

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    Stick with what you know works, don't pay mind to looks. Had a doctor say once, "your shoes look like they are 30 years old". I had to correct him and said, "33 and they fit". I used a 16 pound gel pad the first several years otherwise have been with roho at lest 45 years. When I do get a breakdown, it is from a bad (bump, scrape, bruise) transfer rather than the cushion.
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