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Thread: Clemastine as a Remyelinating agent

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    Clemastine as a Remyelinating agent

    Hi everyone, Clemastine is now used to promote remyelination of the CNS in various models of demyelination diseases including MS.
    Since 4 days, I'm taking 2x clemastine fumarate 1.34mg tablets per day before sleeping.
    Does anyone from the group is on Clemastine ?..
    I know 2,8 mg per day is very low, but it looks like complicated to take it in the morning because of drowsiness.
    I plan to take it for 3 months, eventually increase to 2,8 mg three times a day but I'm afraid fatigue will not allow me to go on such posology.
    There might be a reduction in spasticity, I'll let you know.
    Best wishes to all

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    On October 1st 2019 I started taking 8 mg per day.
    4mg in the morning and 4 mg at night.

    It does not make me very tired at all so the side effects are minimal to none.

    To this point I have not noticed any positive or negative effects. I plan on doing it for another 3 months.

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    I took 2.34 mg at night for two months and it ran out couple nights ago. I haven't been sleeping as well and more foot spasms at night while awake, so maybe it was helping. I should refill prescription.

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