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Thread: Remembered a funny story when living in the dorm, Will make you smile

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    Remembered a funny story when living in the dorm, Will make you smile

    Won the lottery on dorm roommates by sheer chance, never having one except for the last six weeks of the summer semester. He was a young black teen who came up on a early start program or something.

    Had one class 4 hours a day four days a week (calculus + differential equations) and after that semester there was two weeks before the fall semester started.

    Working at Denny's, parents away in Maine instead of driving from work to the dorm, went straight from work to my parents house on the beaches. Never interacted with the kids because, basically was never there.

    Went to my dorm room after coming off the swing shift ~11:30 PM there, saw lights in the student center. Went over and it happened to be a toga party. Had a couple beers from the keg then the student center closed at 1 AM.

    Said no problem "come on over to my dorm room", remembering an empty dorm room and forgetting about the young black boy.

    Well at 1 o'clock in the morning a bunch of white people wearing white sheets and a keg of beer blasted into this guys room. Really feels sorry for the poor kid, he was scared shiftless. Will never forget him pulling the sheets up to his nose and his eyes peeking out.

    Can't imagine the poor 17-year-old kid away from the first time worst nightmare, but that must of my clothes, we did turn around and leave though.

    It was a funny story, think the next week crashed at the dorm one night to get up and register for my senior year, went home, woke up, went to beach, broke my neck. Was back in the dorms six months after being discharged from rehab.

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    Nah, no smile here.

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