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Thread: What's your favorite pillow for your head?

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    What's your favorite pillow for your head?

    I sleep on my side for 4-6 hours each night and I'm tired of dealing with sore ears. I'm using a foam pillow but I'm wondering if a feather pillow might be less pressure on my ears. I've loved the Hilton pillows when we travel but I don't know if I would still love them if I had to use them every night.
    Anyone have one they just love?

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    "My Pillow" is my favorite. My PCA's husband bought one and he hated it so he gave it to her. She hated it so she gave it to me. I loved it so I bought one for my old lady and she hated it. If I get bored and curious enough I will cut one open to see the contents someday. All I can tell you is my ears used to get crushed from the weight of my head and be sore like you described......but not anymore.
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    Some people use CPAP pillows, which are cut out more for the shoulder/machine hose but therefore have "wings" with less bulk on the side. There is also a "shoulder pillow" on Amazon cut like that.

    For a more traditional pillow experience, you can buy a latex pillow where you can add and remove filling to your liking and each night it can shaken/shaped back to the way you like it.

    Also you can paper-tape a little lambswool to the top of the ear or wherever the pressure is.
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