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Thread: Best protein drinks for those with chronic constipation?

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    Question Best protein drinks for those with chronic constipation?

    Does anyone have suggestions on protein shakes or protein powders that are easy to digest and will not compound or cause any ill effects?

    I'm afraid to drink some protein drinks because they cause constipation and I know i need additional protein in the morning.

    This is a health issue and I know some people here have figured it out.

    Quick thoughts?
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    I've been using "nestle beneprotein" daily for years. Mixes well, clean, pretty much flavour neutral and I digest it easily.
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    What have you been drinking? Most supplements like Ensure, Premier, etc. don't cause constipation; in fact they can cause loose stools in some.

    You might also want to look at whey-based protein powders that you can add to a wide variety of foods, including drinks, soup, stews, etc. I have used this one in the past for my mother:

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    Different way powders from GNC. Nothing brand-name that I can recall but all were rather expensive.
    Thanks so much for these helpful recommendations.

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    i use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides powder. It is one of the more expensive ones, but if you are one who needs collagen then it will likely also benefit your digestive system. It is also a "clean" product in that it is made from cowhides of grass-fed cows raised in Australian and new Zealand with no additives, no pesticides or herbicides in their environment. it is also flavor neutral, and while it does not improve my morning coffee, it does not detract very much.

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    Chaz, I found the solution for, me. Shaklee products put me on the path to easy pooping. Every morning I have a shake with almond milk, and I take 2 tablets of Herbalax in the morning, and bedtime. I'm going better than ever have. Shaklee products are completely natural and backed by solid scientific studies. My sister is a distributor, so i know all about it.



    I would like to hear what the nurses think of Shaklee products.

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