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Thread: Galileo side-alternating vibration plate

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    Galileo side-alternating vibration plate

    Does anyone have experience with vibration plate? I have been reading about it. It seems to improve blood circulation and muscle tone, maybe functional gain. I am wondering what would be a good one to have at home. The Galileo seems to be good, but very expensive.
    Any advice is appreciated. My son is 15 year old, suffer injury 9 month ago.


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    I bought a different brand at $270. I chose a vertical vibration style because I feared I might be too unstable on the side alternating type. I suspect they get similar results.

    I could not even find price for the galileo. I doubt there is a lot of difference between they types but there are some inexpensive models of the side alternating ones on Amazon.

    I like mine but rely on going to a gym for strength training.

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