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Thread: Single Sided Suspension Forks with 4" Casters

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    Single Sided Suspension Forks with 4" Casters

    These are Out-Front Glide Suspension forks that are only offered on new Tilite chairs. They are similar to Frog Legs but are the only ones with a single sided fork which looks better and helps with hair, etc. getting stuck in the casters. This listing is for a set of two forks/casters. They include 4" diameter aluminum casters with 2" wide soft roll tires. THE FORKS ARE ALMOST 2" TALLER THAN MOST STANDARD FORKS, so please check your caster barrel to floor height (these are 6 3/8" in the top hole and 6 7/8" in the bottom hole) and be aware of the difference before purchasing. They may raise your front seat to floor height. These were only used for a few months and are in great condition. They came off of a Tilite TR3 and WILL ONLY WORK ON A CHAIR WITH AN EXPOSED FORK STEM. Therefore they will not work on a Tilite ZRA/TRA. These are a $485 option from Tilite when new. I am asking $300 - Or Best Offer - shipped to CONUS with paypal fees included.
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