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Thread: Back contours - min, mid, deep

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    Back contours - min, mid, deep

    Hi all -

    Having just received my new wheelchair (Ki Ethos), I wanted to try a new back as well. I'm around 5'10 and T3 complete, with bars down to T11. I tried getting the Roho Agility Mid Contour 13" tall (which is fine) but I am worried about the depth of it. I feel much more wobbly in it (not very reassuring).

    I am coming from using a Ride Design Java back - 14" tall, 6" deep. The lateral support was superb, but the foam was very annoyingly thin/wouldn't stay in a good spot to cover the metal frame. Between that and the sub-par mounting system (squeaks all the time!), I needed something different.

    So here are my questions:
    1. Will the Roho padding "break-in" and allow me to rest further "in" the back, or should I ask for a different back? I have already flipped it over, which did help but is still not on the level of support I used to have.
    2. What depth back do other people without lumbar support like me tend to go with?
    3. Are there any other options I might check out?

    Thanks everyone

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    i am a T6 i went with the matrix back again mid contour and love it.
    T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009

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    I'm T6 and really like the Ride back and cushion.Mostly because of the finite adjustment one can achieve with the hardware. I've tried most of the solid backs you've mentioned but eventually would go back to a sling because the support. So far the Ride has been the best for me. I have scoliosis from all the years in(46) and know eventually will go for the deeper Ride back. No sqeaking with the hardware but I tighten my down fairly tight and ensure it's not rubbing on the crossbar.

    Doesn't take much to insert more padding in the back cover, that may help. I'm thinking on adding extra padding to the right side to help with sitting straighter. Also use a 1" wedge under my Ride cushion.

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    For instability, how much dump is in your new chair? Did you change seat cushion too? I would consider getting laterals and attaching them to your backrest assuming you have already accepted your new chair.

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    Lot of T6's here, me as well, and with zero trunk control / balance I'm probably pretty similar to you at T3 in that regard. I went from a deep ADI contour to a mid Matrx MX2 contour and like it much better. However, I like my backrest relatively low (for my injury level) so I don't get a ton of lateral stability from it anyway. Top of the back covers my lowest rib which is enough for me. I am leaning over to the sides all the time picking kids toys off the floor, tools in the garage, etc. that the deep contour ADI back made much more difficult. Plus the Matrx MX2 carbon is flexible unlike the ADI carbon so it gives a little bit when you lean into it. Not sure about the Roho foam but the ADI foam never broke in enough to sit me further back in it.

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    Regarding "... I wanted to try a new back ... Are there any other options ..."
    In addition to the suggestions already mentioned, Acta backs offer other options.

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    also t-6 here. jay-j3 mid contour 14" I have mine lowered as low as it'll go, touching cushion. I'm very comfortable

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