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Thread: Funny Antenna story

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    Funny Antenna story

    When I got my first HDTV in 2004, I thought I needed to buy a really good antenna, so I paid about $40 for one at Crutchfield (where I bought my TV). I hooked it up but didn't get any channels. I returned it and bought an even more expensive ($100) one from Circuit City. I still didn't get any channels and so I returned it. The next day I realized that when I had plugged those antenna's in, I never scanned for the channels (I felt pretty stupid). I remembered having an old bowtie antenna from back in the 80's and I decided to try it out. We stuck it in the attic window facing east and I ended up getting all my locals. I felt relieved that I had returned the pricey ones before doing the channel scan.

    Anyhow, when we got HD cable a short time afterwards, I rarely used the antenna anymore. A month or so ago I got rid of my cable box because the bill was ridiculous and I watched more online stuff than I did cable shows. I've been trying to convince my folks to do the same and was looking for a cheap but good antenna that they could use on their upstairs TV. I asked my Facebook friends if any of them had an antenna and how many channels they got. I only had one reply but he has an antenna on top of a hill and gets no more channels than I do.

    Now I just need to find another bowtie antenna for my folks to use upstairs ... crazy that a cheap little $4 antenna is all I needed.

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    Thanks... found one on ebay just like mine.

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    For future reference and for others, website below is good to check what TV stations you should be able to bet.
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