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Thread: Pain in legs and buttocks.

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    Exclamation Pain in legs and buttocks.

    Can someone explain this to me? My Doctor isn't concerned about this. I've been back and forth to Dr's for the pain and he tells me to take Folic acid and 1000mg of Vitamin B12. I've tried asprin, Ibuprophen, and heating pads. I was on Gabapentin but I didn't notice any change when I took it. He's got me on Amitriptilyn, but it's not working. I hurt everyday. It gets up to about an 8. I have a very high pain tolerance but this is out of control!!!

    Study Result


    Mild arthritic change most significantly at the L4-L5 level


    Clinical history: Back pain, history of paralysis.

    AP lateral and oblique views were obtained lumbosacral spine. Vertebral bodies normal in position alignment. Disc spaces well-maintained. Pedicles are intact. Mild anterior and lateral osteophyte formation is seen from L3 through L5. There is facet hypertrophy most significantly at the L5-S1 level. Incidental note is made of an inferior vena cava filter

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    Are they muscle spasms? Inflammation? I would try Naproxen 500 mg or Aleve 2 of the 200 mgs twice a day if no kidney issues. I like Tizanifine 2 mg- it will make you sleepy at first so start at bedtime. Take 2-3 times a day. Cwo
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