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Thread: Embr Wave Heating/cooling bracelet

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    Question Embr Wave Heating/cooling bracelet

    A thoughtful friend sent me the thermal adjustable wristwatch/bracelet as a way of regulating my body temperature. Those of us who are constantly cold ? which I believe is due to poor circulation, autonomic nervous system dysfunction etc. We could benefit from this device ;but I?m not sure if it would work with people with spinal injuries.

    So I will be testing it over the next week or two and report back. I?m always 🥶 cold; but I believe a lot of this has to do with lack of movement when I?m working on the computer etc.

    Has anyone else tried this device?

    Direct link for those interested:

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    yes keep us posted I know last night it was 72 in house but I felt like ice so I went to bed early 9pm

    I cann stand heat better than cold

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    Temperature regulation is one of my most annoying issues. It seems like I'm always either freezing or hot but never comfortable.

    Or sometimes I can't figure out if I'm cold or hot. It doesn't make sense, but that's the worst.

    I'll run a space heater at night until it is brutally hot in the room just to warm up and then wake up 3 hours later I need to turn the air conditioner on cause I feel like Im burning up

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    I've had one of these for the last ten months or so. I don't use it all that much, but when I do it seems to have some kind of effect. Nothing outrageous, it certainly isn't life changing, but worthwhile. It may just be psychosomatic, but that's good enough for me!
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    Very interested in your testing Chaz19 so I'll be checking back for your report on this device for sure!

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