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Thread: living in Hawaii

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    living in Hawaii

    My gf and I are contemplating a move to Hawaii. Starting closest to Rehab Hospital of the Pacific, we've visited and stayed all around Oahu with Kailua being the place that seems to meet our needs/wants the best, although a couple different towns on Kauai seemed way more our speed. I'm a relatively fit, healthy 44yr old quad. I see a pain specialist on the reg and do a "re-eval" at Craig Hospital every couple years as I live right in Denver. I know getting scripts for my pain meds is going to be a challenge anywhere new - can Hawaii be any worse than anywhere else? Is living anywhere but Oahu a bad idea should anything bad (like SCI-bad) happen? I found both islands to be quite accessible but haven't gotten to know too much about the SCI community in either. I guess my main curiosity focuses on adaptive sports - I'm head over heels about Adaptive Surf but haven't found too much info about too much else. It's not a dealbreaker by any means... just a lot going on in that regard in my current neck of the woods. Curious. Any insight from those in the know would be much appreciated.

    *** c4/c5 incomplete *** Injured in Summer 2003 ***

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    I know there's a few Hawaiian members here, one is Bruce who rents condos on Maui. He can probably supply some info:

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