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Thread: Honda 18-20 BraunAbility Side-Entry Infloor Ramp Advice VS Foldout Sienna or Pacifica

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    Honda 18-20 BraunAbility Side-Entry Infloor Ramp Advice VS Foldout Sienna or Pacifica

    I need advice from individuals that have or have family members with New Power In-floor Side-Entry Ramp by BraunAbility. 2018-2020

    I'm currently in a rock and a hard place. My fellow Disability Driving family. I want to get a reliable van and the Honda touring Elite seems to fit the bill BUT it's an IN-FLOOR

    My 2008 Chevy Uplander has been nothing but a money pit. Between major OEM repairs constantly but very few little mobility issues. I've almost paid double for the van in extended warranties and after warranty repairs. with only 123000 and the AEVIT is now not talking OEM computer. IM DONE.

    I drive with AEVIT 2.0 hand controls, with zero effort steering, L lever gas/brake, and tri pin on the steering wheel.

    A two year battle with VR on a second modification its approved and early December was the driver evaluation yet again.

    After researching Vans all my options have an asterisk beside them.

    *Honda Odyssey Touring Elite (top choice) brand is reliable and recently redesigned but now ONLY offered in Braun NEW in-floor

    * Toyota Sienne = big boxy, the new Sienna, slated to arrive sometime this year as a 2021 model. It'll be a long-overdue replacement for the current, third-generation Sienna which has been around since 2010.

    * Chrysler Pacifica + sharing association with a discontinued crossover 04-08 it is an all-new design replacing the Town & Country. So older person DREAM = NO swag or aftermarket additions

    *The Dodge Grand Caravan production will end in 2020 with Chrysler Voyager rebirth budget option.

    Between talking with mobility dealer a lot and Braun / Braunabilty states that Honda is their premium van and individuals only want in-floor ramps when purchasing their most expensive van.

    Braun / Braunabilty have totally redesigned the floor ramps, they are belt driven and the backup switch that is reachable for anyone inside the van.

    I've always been hesitant of infloor ramps from it horror stories I heard about VMI ramps constantly breaking or being stuck inside the van.

    Braunabilty has assured me that this is no longer the case. Their version of infloor ramps are belt-driven & will work no matter what .

    1. Anyone with any reviews of the new Honda Odyssey Touring Elite by Braun / Braunabilty such as hidden issues, mechanical problems, high-tech hand control integration.

    2. Anyone with any type of experience with these new power in-floor ramps that are daily drivers." I'm an individual that works two jobs so my van is in constant use"

    3. I could have gone low-tech hand controls but didn't care for the featherlite and their inability to have a pull back for brake and push for gas.

    4. I am a wheelchair user driving from a power chair and will use the Aevit 2.0 hand controls.

    5. Even though my 2008 Chevy Uplander was a complete disaster having a fold-out ramp I never was stuck inside the van.

    I've included pictures and a video link on new Braun in floor belt driven ramp.

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    I have a VMI 2014 Sienna with an in floor ramp system. It has 120,000 miles (yes my wife and I love to travel). I have never been stuck inside the van because of the ramp system. Once in awhile it might get off sync but it fixes itself after running it a few times. Also VMI has its Sure Deploy back up system. It's pretty much impossible to get stuck inside of it.

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    I just bought a 20129 Pacifica with fold out ramp. I think it's longer than my old 200 VMI infloor ramp; to the extent I get concerned that a person parking too close to the cross hatches will make it too difficult to get on the ramp. I used to be able to jump the side rail of the ramp to get on but the foldout lip is over two inches tall. I may get one of the siderails on the ramp cutdown so i can jump it if can't get on it straight on. If I had to do over again, I would go in floor.

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    I just bought a 2019 Pacifica with Braun entervan conversion fold out ramp. I got the all blacked out S appearance package with 20" wheels. So it doesn't look anything like an old persons dream. So far I'm loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by micah_d View Post
    I just bought a 2019 Pacifica with Braun entervan conversion fold out ramp. I got the all blacked out S appearance package with 20" wheels. So it doesn't look anything like an old persons dream. So far I'm loving it.

    Have a pic? I have a '17 Pacifica. Bought it just before the S packages became available. I would have gone with the maroon body with black wheels. However, I'm really enjoying it.

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    Hey Hacknsack44 I'm glad to hear that you had a great experience with VMI infloos.certainly with a hundred and twenty thousand miles you and your wife certainly do travel. With your VMI Pacifica do you have a fully drop floor 10 in or 14 in. If I end up going with it infloor probably be with Braun. my local mobility dealer works on a lot of vehicles but they specialize in Braun. You also alleviated my fears of getting stuck inside. Look on YouTube & other places to read on the older vmi infloor ramp issues

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    I appreciate the reply Patrick Madsen. When you were Van shopping did you happen to look at the new Honda odysseys. Did you ever have any issues with your older VMI infloor And is your new infloor ramp VMI. The fold-out ramp that was on my original 2008 Chevy Uplander by Braun didn't seem too long.
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    Hey Micah_D. It seems like the Pacifica certainly is a hot ticket item looking at the posts. what were some of your factors that went into you going with the new Pacifica. And before you happy fold out did you have an in floor ramp

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    The Pacifica is popular because it is cheap. Daimler Chrysler has the lowest rate of repeat customers. Go with an Asian company

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    I did look at the three different vans closely. I thought the Honda seemed more cramped inside; had a smooth ride. Toyota was nice but older design. Liked the Pacifica due to it being a newer design with a couple years in so most bugs worked out and had great experience with 20 yrs. of Chrysler Limited.. Went Braun fold out just for a change snd recent buyout at VMI stopped the fold out version of VMI.

    There's a long story on my van including having a 14" dropped installed on my off the lot Pacifica when I ordered a 10" drop. Took going up to top management to get satisfaction. Was really glad I went thru a Braun rep. when looking. Otherwise, the Braun dealer would have done zip. The BRaun Rep at Braun I dealt with is Patrick Pitcher for those interested.

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