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Thread: When is it ER time for UTI?

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    I was in the ER on December 24. I wanted my doctor to write a prescription to Labcor for a urine sample. I think his office was closed. Labcor was closed on Tuesday. I decided to go to Urgent Care, but they closed early. I knew I needed antibiotics. My last option, to go to the hospital ER. I was out in 2 1/2 hours with a prescription for Bactrim. My numbers got better before I left the ER.
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    I agree with smashms that if there is not a doc on call covering your regular doctor there is something deeply wrong with his practice.

    Cipro gave me kidney disease in 2015 and I was weak and sick for 4 months. It is more dangerous for older people.

    If Cipro did not clear the infection in 7 days you are in a world of trouble. The next level of intervention may be intravenous antibiotics. Good luck because it sounds like you need it.

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    Ya, it cleared it quickly while I was on it, but it came back immediately. Luckily today my body feels a bit more settled. Should be on the right one soon, and IVs if necessary. There’s a laundry list of things wrong with my primary, unfortunately...but going through the process of changing it. My insurance couldn’t believe how many things he’s missed or neglected. I take my blame for procrastinating on the holidays, but it definitely shouldn’t have taken this long to get a prescription. IEHP sounded like they were gonna smack him up. Thanks for the wishes...I’ll be better soon, promise

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    I went to an urgent care once for a UTI and they prescribed Cipro, and about a week later they called and told me that I needed to switch to another antibiotic because the Bug wasn't sensitive to the Cipro.

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    Definitely, they give you what kills it best. Luckily I haven’t had any real uti issues in years. I know some people deal with it monthly

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    Well he just now answered his messages haha...lucky me. Resistant E. Coli...yay! I just picked up a combo of doxycycline and keflex. I plead for a 12-14 day prescription but he only gave me 7. So chances are it will be back, but it just feels good to be on the right med. Thanks for the help and input, everyone. Cheers

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    Is there a good way to convince my Dr for a longer prescription? He said the 7 day is to prevent resistance. But if I stop after 7 days and wait for another c&s, I’m afraid it will come right back and I’ll be back on the same combination. Or, with what I’ve written, are you comfortable with a 7 day cycle? Thx

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    Denied with us being colonized and more prone to UTI i have always heard a min of 10 days 14 would be best but 10 days is typical. back when i was getting them every other month i was on a low dose antibiotic daily which seemed to help break the cycle. was on those for a couple of years then stopped and haven't had one since. take it for 7 days though and then get another c&s and see what it says. if you caught it early enough it may be all you need.
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    To help combat the reoccurrence, I take Vit. C 100-2000 aday. If it looks like things are getting iffy, I increase the Vit. C. I also take methenomine which causes an acidic environment in the bladder. If still iffy, I'll do a 10 day regime of Keflex. If not clearing up I go see my uro.. My doc prescribes Keflex by the 100 if needed.

    Back in the '70's a daily dose of antibiotics was the norm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    If still iffy, I'll do a 10 day regime of Keflex. If not clearing up I go see my uro.. My doc prescribes Keflex by the 100 if needed.
    Why Keflex? That's broad spectrum affecting flora in other parts of the body unnecessarily. Nitrofurantoin is narrow spectrum targeting the urinary tract only.
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