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Thread: Schlumpf Mountain drives

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    Schlumpf Mountain drives

    Hello and Christmas greetings.
    I have the 1995 Quickie Shadow handcycle with an early Schlumpf mountain drive.
    With the original crank arms the buttons protrude enough to heel (hand) tap as designed.
    Before I wreck my shoulders, I am fitting a set of Z(V?) cranks arms in place of the standard crank arms.
    The problem is the recess in the crank is deeper than the original and does not allow ready access to the Schlumpf buttons for securing them in place nor for shifting; they seat near flush.

    The new style with the hemisphere crown may give me the extra protrusion that will allow me to secure and select by the heel of my hand rather than pushing with my finger.

    All the outlets I have approached appear to be on Christmas break so I do not anticipate a response well into the new year.

    Attached are images showing the original and the replacement crank arms..

    Some questions .

    1 Are the new design buttons able to be retro fitted to the earlier drives?

    2 If you have these and are willing to remove and measure that would be a great help. Please post the dimensions of the new buttons so I can determine if they will function as I wish.

    The other option is to have some made.
    I would welcome suggestions on other options/mods to the original

    Thanks all.
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    Where is all the welcome advice and assistance? Is everybody on holiday or something?

    Happy New Year to you bunch of laissez faire holiday makers

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