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Thread: James Shepherd dies

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    James Shepherd dies

    I didn't see where this had already been posted but wanted to let people know about it. He died yesterday. I know many of us here got to visit with him while patients there, as he was great about getting around and talking with people. I still remember him coming up to me in the hall when my OT, Jana was trying to teach me to do a wheelie. I was scared to death of falling backwards so he told me how his son, when little got right in his chair and popped a wheelie the first time! Then he told me that the human head weighs 8 pounds and that I could use that to do a lot of things that required balance. He occasionally came on CC but stopped because he said people were too argumentative :>(
    He was a very nice man and we have him and his parents to thank for a stellar organization in the Shepherd Center.

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    So sorry. His injury inspired his parents to establish the Shepherd Center, and he was very involved in it's development and operation. He was injured body surfing in Rio on spring break (as I remember) in 1973, and they could not find a good rehab program for him closer to Atlanta than Craig (which he did attend) in Denver at the time.

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