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Thread: What do y'all use for checking your backside for wounds?

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    What do y'all use for checking your backside for wounds?

    I've been an idiot for the last 10 years of my 11 years post and haven't been checking my skin (like pretty much at all)... I've got some justification for it, but it's stupid and I'm trying to be better at life and more responsible now.

    I think in rehab I was given a flexible handled mirror on a stick that I used a handful of times, but I'm having trouble tracking down something similar.

    What kind of mirror are you all using and where did you buy it?

    Also, when do you check your skin?
    I'm guessing the end of the day is probably a good time, like in bed before you go to sleep? Or I guess I could check when I take a shit on an elevated seat, but I don't do that every night.
    Do y'all ever check in the morning to make sure didn't develop a sore while sleeping?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's advice as always.

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    I am finding a lot of mirrors on sticks on amazon, but they seem to be geared for mechanics and are very small (like 1" or 2" diameter mirrors which seems less than ideal for my purposes).

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    You can certainly use a mirror like these. Some use a regular mirror with a handle in front and save the flexible ones for legs and back-side, or to reflect the image from the flexible one so you can see it better.

    Best to check twice daily...when you first wake up (to check for anything that developed in bed) and then when you undress for bed in the evening. The sooner you catch something, the better for taking action to prevent it from getting worse. Link it to another daily activity so you are less likely to forget: examples include dressing/undressing, doing your ROM exercises/stretching, donning/doffing elastic stockings, etc.

    I do also know several people with caregivers who have their caregiver take photos for them to look at (with their cell phone) as a way to check their skin.

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    I use the General Tools 80560 telescoping LED lighted inspection mirror, . However, I find it only lasts about 5 months or so before it needs to be replaced. It also needs to be tightened occasionally.

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    Hand held mirrors are difficult for me to see my back and higher up on my rear. Prop my phone camera up on one side of the bed with 10 second timer set. Tap the camera screen and then roll to the other side and hold still. If anything looks suspicious investigate further.
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