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Thread: FedEX delay with parts for my TiLite

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    FedEX delay with parts for my TiLite

    Wondering if anyone has experienced delays in getting wheelchair parts from FedEx.

    One composite scissor brake on my 9 year old TiLite Aero Z broke and I decided to get two new ones in addition to 2 new front casters. I don't have any problems with the rest of the chair, but when a "push to lock" brake was put on as a temporary fix I noticed rust spots around the caster bearings and tires worn way down, so I splurged on the new casters as well.

    I placed the order two full weeks ago. (I won't say with whom - I have no issues with them.)

    I tracked the package and delivery was scheduled to be yesterday - Got out my User Manual, Phillips screwdrivers (2), and 2 hex key sets, alerted my husband that I'd need help. Checked the front door about 5 times until 7 pm. No package.

    Checked tracking number again and wow, a change in delivery until this coming Monday! It's not the first time I've had delays from FedEx and yes it is holiday time with packages being delivered everywhere, but I keep thinking UPS would have done better.

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    You're not alone:

    I'm waiting for something a lot less important than wheelchair parts though.

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    FedEx (my least favorite shipper) is having more than their normal amount of issues. Some of it is seasonal shipping overload. However, I had a shipment that said 3 days arrival. Took 2 1/2 weeks.
    3 or 4 days from PA to GA, sat in GA 4 days, then showed it was headed to TN, took 5 more days to get there. From TN to AL took another 3 days. My original arrival date was changed 3 x.

    FedEx has a lot of part time (cheap labor) drivers using rental trucks. Not a very professional group of drivers. Must be basketball players. They toss/throw packages on my porch, always have.

    15 or more years ago, a motorcycle mag tested many shippers (about 5 I think). They sent fragile cheap porcelain items, more than one with each shipper, all packaged they same way.
    Last place went to FedEx (broken & late). 1st place was USPS, 2nd was UPS. That was long ago but I haven't seen any improvement in FedEx.
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    There's a pretty big nasty storm stretched across a good bit of the country now too.
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    I've had packages returned to the sender because FedEx couldn't find my house.

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    Wow...lots of complaints at that site.

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    Thanks all. Hope my parts arrive today!

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    FedEx has become very unreliable in my area for the last year or so. I've had packages shown as delivered and never found them. They'll leave packages down the road by my mailbox. They've gotten stuck in my yard, causing damage.

    Always something with them here lately.
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    Just two weeks ago I also ordered the Tilite composite scissor locks and had the same issue with FedEx. What was worse was they claimed they attempted to deliver twice, both of which I was home all day and know for a fact they did not come. The first time they claimed I "requested rescheduled delivery date", which is obviously BS. They second time they claimed "business closed, no one to sign". There are two issues there, I don't live in or anywhere near a business (I have a house on its own back in the woods) and two I don't require signatures for anything because I live in a secluded area with no concern of someone taking my packages. I was home with newly born twins, so I definitely would have know if someone had come up my long driveway.

    It's one thing to be late with a package (especially wheelchair parts or medical equipment), but it is a whole other level of crappy to give BS reasons why it wasn't delivered, especially blaming it on me somehow...

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    Increase in internet purchases combined with the holiday season and weather is exaggerating their problems. I have always had problems with them. Especially with them throwing packages.
    With today's GPS, Mapquest, Google Earth, etc, I can't understand why they have difficulty finding any location. I've meet many of them on the street because I could see confusion in their face.
    Their tracking system will lie to you too.
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