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Thread: Need help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

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    Need help with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    Did it before and unable to do it again. should come out as, but always comes up as uppercase when want lowercase.

    How do you train Dragon NaturallySpeaking to have my email address come out lowercase, like with my first named Cris rather than Chris.


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    Hi Cris. Instead of messing around with the Vocabulary Editor and its preferences it is easier to create a new Text-and-Graphics global command. Just call it "my email". You have to say "open command browser" and you create the basic command by making sure you are in global commands and you click new on the left. Then it's easy but just make sure you select Text-and-Graphics before entering your actual email and saving. Make sure you save your user profile and you're good to go.

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