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Thread: Master bath granite countertop, sink, but not see pipes?

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    I'm currently remodeling my master bathroom and use this setup... well that turned out goofy rotated. sorry.
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    Duravit Happy D wall hung sink.

    I have these sinks in my bathrooms and shower room. They are Duravit Happy D wall hung sink. I also have the matching toilet.

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    Curtain rod and valance...
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    The drain line has to have that curve in it, it is called a p trap, it keeps your sewer gases out. Would be code required anywhere in the USA

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    Our sink has an offset drain, but I have seen sinks with the typical center drains installed with a elbow coming off the bottom of the sink directing the piping toward the wall, then taking another 45 degree elbow down and into the P Trap and then continue as normal to the waste piping. This sink has been discontinued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rshadd View Post
    Curtain rod and valance...
    Interesting idea, never seen that before

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    Ran the drain back to the rear of the cabinet out of the way.
    Cabinet does not have a bottom and doors do not have a toe-kick.
    Open the doors to roll in and close them when finished.

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